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Microsoft Teams at 3: Everything you need to connect with your teammates and be more productive

What’s new in Teams?

  • Real-time noise supression helps to minimize distracting background noise
  • Raise hand feature lets anyone in the meeting send a visual signal that they have something to say
  • Pop out chats into a separate window to easliy move between conversations
  • Offline and low-bandwidth support lets you read chat messages and write responses, even without an internet connection

Read the full article by Jared Spataro, Corporate Vice President for Microsoft 365.  He talks about Microsoft’s commitment to two things: building the very best online meeting experience for customers and bringing technological solutions to traditionally underserved professionals, including Firstline and healthcare workers.

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Develop ‘Security Champions’ For Successful Enterprise Security Scalability

What steps have you taken to create an internal team of security champions to support your security strategy? The idea is to create “front-line support”.

Ian Amit writes, “These advocates know their businesses better than any of my security engineers could, and they are deeply embedded in their organization’s culture. And, as a result, they can provide the best context for security decisions. Our role is to equip them with our services and security expertise.”

Make your employees security assets, rather than security liabilities.

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Basics: How to Reduce Ransomware Risk

Ransomware attacks happen more than you think.  This is why we keep talking about.  Even just doing the basics can reduce your risk.

This article from Entrepreneur magazine are just a few of the tips you’ll get when you read this blog by Robert Siciliano.

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Advanced threat protection is important, too. Contact Results Matter Cloud Services to learn about your cyber security options.  Our Email ID Shield solution delivers proactive monitoring for compromised credentials.

Using Cloud Services to Gain a Competitive Advantage – SitePro Customer Story

SitePro is a digital oilfield solutions provider focused on developing real-time, cloud-based software solutions to optimize the full life-cycle of your fluid management operations.

SitePro gained a competitive advantage by combining onsite sensors and data collection with online data processing and management using Microsoft Azure.

By combining what used to be multiple systems, each operated by a third party, they were able to provide faster and more effective service to their oil and gas customers. This in turn strengthened the offerings of their customers. It’s a win for everyone.

Contact Results Matter Cloud Services to learn more about finding your competitive advantage.

Is Cloud Hosting the Best IT Solution for Your Business?

If you are a small business without dedicated IT resources, you need to plan carefully what and when you move to the cloud.

Moving email and collaboration to the cloud is a no brainer small business. It is easy to outsource the setup and management of this solution for a very low monthly cost.

Considerations for moving computing to the cloud need to be evaluated on a case by case basis.  Make sure you look at the hard and soft cost of moving to the cloud.

Whether it’s being able to access a rich ecosystem of supportive apps or having immediate knowledge of your finances, the cloud can offer a wealth of benefits.

At Results Matter Cloud Services, it’s important to us that our clients have the support and knowledge they need as they make decisions and upgrade their IT infrastructure.

With our customer support focus, we will provide your company with the resources and knowledge of our industry experts so you can achieve more with your transition.  When you are ready reach out to learn more.

Streamline Internal Platforms and Processes – RLH Corporation Customer Story

Business applications are key to successful operations. But disconnected solutions can compromise productivity, overwhelm employees, and frustrate customers.

With siloed systems and “Frankensteined solutions,” RLH Corporation, a hospitality company, faced the internal and customer-management challenges that many modern businesses face. But using Dynamics 365 and Office 365, they have consolidated systems into one platform, empowered employees, and improved guest satisfaction in the process.

Simplified operations and digital transformation are also within your reach. Reduce the number of emails you get and improve collaboration. Let Results Matter Cloud Services show you how. Contact us to learn more.

Is Your Company Secure?

With over 250,000 new malware samples being created and spread every day, Results Matter Cloud Services helps keep your organization secure 24/7. Microsoft 365 and the intelligent cloud can help you protect, detect and respond to today’s modern security landscape.

As a fully integrated, end-to-end solution, Microsoft 365 helps you address new risks and opportunities and drive digital transformation to empower everyone from the executive office to first-line workers. More information is in the infographic below.

Beyond Microsoft 365 we also have services that address compromised credentials on the dark web. What is the Dark Web? Learn more here.

Contact us today to learn more about cybersecurity, Microsoft 365, or the Dark Web.

Is your company secure?


Family food business spices up operations, reduces new device implementation time by 50 percent

How does your business improve teamwork? Garner Foods, a 4th generation family owned and operated business, integrates Microsoft 365 Business so their employees and sales representatives all over the US have the tools they need to make the dream work.

With Office 365 you can host online meetings with audio and video, screen sharing, and HD video conferencing.

There’s an unlimited amount of potential with Microsoft 365 Business.  Results Matter Cloud Services wants to help you foster that same high level of teamwork. Contact us for more information and check out this video.

Ransomware Attacks Target Municipalities

If there’s one organization you tend to trust with your information, it’s the government. The truth is though that many municipalities are simply not doing enough to protect themselves, and your data. Ransomware attacks are targeting municipalities due to their valuable information and security vulnerabilities.

Canadians and American Municipalities Both Affected

The following are some of the Canadian cities that have had cyber attacks occur since 2018:

  •             Cambridge, ON, CAN
  •             Stratford, ON, CAN
  •             Wasaga Beach, ON, CAN
  •             Midland, ON, CAN
  •             Regina, SK, CAN
  •             Mekinac, QC, CAN

Recorded Future Blog compiled a list of American cities and public services hit by ransomware starting in 2013. The image below shows 2018 onwards, which is almost half of the list.

Table of US Municipalities that are Targets of Ransomware Attacks

Almost half of the ransomware attacks on US cities since 2013 have occurred in the past year and a half.

More Than Pennies

On May 7, 2019, the City of Baltimore, MD was attacked for the second time in 15 months. This resulted in disruptions to the city systems for over 2 weeks. The expected cost of the attack to Baltimore is $18.2M. The city now looks to rebuild their systems and make up for lost revenue. It is not hard to imagine that Canadian municipalities are also at increased risk for ransomware attacks.

Are You Prepared for the Consequences?

As a small business owner, or member of government, how long are you willing to allow your systems to be down for, and how much money are you prepared to lose? Have you considered the money lost during the time the business is down? The money required to rebuild critical systems? Ransomware attacks are becoming increasingly creative, and cities need to consider that any of the following could happen to them:

  • Locking out of city employees from email accounts
  • Locking out of city employees from phone systems
  • Shutdown of 911 system
  • Loss of police footage potentially affecting future cases
  • Inability to complete real estate transactions
  • Inability to pay parking tickets, taxes

Some Cities Are Stepping Up

In light of all of this, municipalities such as Fredericton, NB have taken steps to protect themselves by partnering with local companies to improve their cyber security and business continuity plans before a crippling cyberattack occurs. In this case, Fredericton approved spending of upwards of $100,000 per year for 3 years. With proper preparation, municipalities can better protect themselves and their citizens, and limit their damages and downtime in the event of an attack.

Proactive Dark Web Monitoring: What You Can Learn From The Target Corporation Data Breach