Increase employee engagement by increasing your engagement with employees

An “engaged employee” is defined as an individual who is involved in, enthusiastic about, and committed to their work and workplace.  In other words, an employee that every company would love to call its own.

And yet, according to a Gallup poll, only 3 out of every 10 employees are actively engaged at work.  So how can businesses change this?

In his Forbes article entitled “Cultivating Employee Engagement With Emotional Connection,” author Louis Carter asserts that if companies want employees to be actively engaged with their jobs, then the company needs to be actively engaged with its employees.  This means making an emotional connection that lets employees know their opinions, contributions, and input are both appreciated and highly valued.

Read the full article to learn Mr. Carter’s advice for companies that want to improve their business by improving their communication with employees.

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How your company’s IT group must change to support digital transformation

The digital transformation of your business can be a difficult endeavour, but well worth the effort, especially in digital readiness.

In his Forbes article entitled “How Your Company’s IT Group Must Change To Support Digital Transformation”, author Peter Bendor-Samuel says in a recent study of over 200 companies on their digital reediness, IT organization restructuring has a big impact.

Companies still immature in IT restructuring efforts were effective digital transformation partner with the business only 43% of the time.  Companies that made the investment to restructure IT for digital transformation capabilities were effective partners 86% of the time.

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Results Matter Cloud Services wants your organization to be digitally ready for whatever comes your way.

Cloud services can help your business become more productive, agile, and reliable by integrating scalable infrastructure and simplified management capabilities.

Contact us today to learn more about supporting digital transformations.

Develop ‘Security Champions’ For Successful Enterprise Security Scalability

What steps have you taken to create an internal team of security champions to support your security strategy? The idea is to create “front-line support”.

Ian Amit writes, “These advocates know their businesses better than any of my security engineers could, and they are deeply embedded in their organization’s culture. And, as a result, they can provide the best context for security decisions. Our role is to equip them with our services and security expertise.”

Make your employees security assets, rather than security liabilities.

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Results Matter Cloud Services can help with coaching, education, and more. Contact us today.

Basics: How to Reduce Ransomware Risk

Ransomware attacks happen more than you think.  This is why we keep talking about.  Even just doing the basics can reduce your risk.

This article from Entrepreneur magazine are just a few of the tips you’ll get when you read this blog by Robert Siciliano.

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Advanced threat protection is important, too. Contact Results Matter Cloud Services to learn about your cyber security options.  Our Email ID Shield solution delivers proactive monitoring for compromised credentials.

Is Cloud Hosting the Best IT Solution for Your Business?

If you are a small business without dedicated IT resources, you need to plan carefully what and when you move to the cloud.

Moving email and collaboration to the cloud is a no brainer small business. It is easy to outsource the setup and management of this solution for a very low monthly cost.

Considerations for moving computing to the cloud need to be evaluated on a case by case basis.  Make sure you look at the hard and soft cost of moving to the cloud.

Whether it’s being able to access a rich ecosystem of supportive apps or having immediate knowledge of your finances, the cloud can offer a wealth of benefits.

At Results Matter Cloud Services, it’s important to us that our clients have the support and knowledge they need as they make decisions and upgrade their IT infrastructure.

With our customer support focus, we will provide your company with the resources and knowledge of our industry experts so you can achieve more with your transition.  When you are ready reach out to learn more.

Streamline Internal Platforms and Processes – RLH Corporation Customer Story

Business applications are key to successful operations. But disconnected solutions can compromise productivity, overwhelm employees, and frustrate customers.

With siloed systems and “Frankensteined solutions,” RLH Corporation, a hospitality company, faced the internal and customer-management challenges that many modern businesses face. But using Dynamics 365 and Office 365, they have consolidated systems into one platform, empowered employees, and improved guest satisfaction in the process.

Simplified operations and digital transformation are also within your reach. Reduce the number of emails you get and improve collaboration. Let Results Matter Cloud Services show you how. Contact us to learn more.

How You Work Together Is How You Win Together

Think communication within your team could be better? Location, connectivity, and infrastructure all play a part in how efficiently your team communicates.

“When it comes to groups and teams there are three practices each must do to produce work: meet, communicate and decide. That’s it. Simple, yes. Easy, no.” says Jeff Boss.

Results Matter Cloud Services wants to help your team get the tools they need to communicate well. With Office 365, your employees can connect with the right people, share information across teams, and organize around projects so they can go further, faster.

Contact Results Matter Cloud Services and read Jeff’s full article at Forbes.

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Restaurants: Consider Going Cashless

What will the impact be if you go cashless in your restaurant?  You could consider providing incentives for customers to go cashless if you don’t want to force the change.

Mark Freeman, Senior Manager of Global Dining Services, Microsoft asked, “Will they use it? Will i provided a superior experience?”  This goes back to 2013 and is not controversial to today’s consumers.

The proof was in the numbers.  The app increased cafeteria traffic by 24% compared to the three years previous and the average check increased between 14$ to 18%.

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Family food business spices up operations, reduces new device implementation time by 50 percent

How does your business improve teamwork? Garner Foods, a 4th generation family owned and operated business, integrates Microsoft 365 Business so their employees and sales representatives all over the US have the tools they need to make the dream work.

With Office 365 you can host online meetings with audio and video, screen sharing, and HD video conferencing.

There’s an unlimited amount of potential with Microsoft 365 Business.  Results Matter Cloud Services wants to help you foster that same high level of teamwork. Contact us for more information and check out this video.

Encouraging and Enabling Collaboration in the Modern Workplace

Is your IT department the gatekeeper or the enabler of collaboration? All too often, IT falls into the trap of giving permission to use productivity tools instead of finding out what employees need to work together better, then facilitating those capabilities.

In this article, the author poses the important question: “Are we the gatekeeper to employees collaborating or are we enablers and champions?” and discusses the benefits of moving IT to an enabler-focused mentality.

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